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Preventing zombie outbreaks is a Rubinstein Lab pastime. Room Escape Game. (Aug 2018)

Potluck spread, Round 1. Kanelis-Rubinstein New Year party (Jan 2018)

Jianhua wins Governor General's Gold Medal for his PhD thesis (May 2016)

Graduation day for Anna, Dan, and Jianhua (June 2016)

Thamiya's cryoholder cookies (2 x Gatan 626, 1 x Fishione 2550)

Samir, Mohammad, and Thamiya (Jan 2018)

Yazan eyes up food selection at potluck party (Jan 2018)

At the cryo-EM Nobel Prize in Stockholm (Dec 2017)

Thamiya's Paw Patrol cookies at the Kanelis-Rubinstein New Year party (Jan 2018)

Hui is tall... but not that tall (Jan 2018)

Thamiya's V-ATPase cookies

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